Saturday, February 04, 2006

Online Avitars

My Online Avitars
I added this using the Picassa software. I needed to host it here to use it as an avitar somewhere else. I should have deleted the post but I needed content on the site at the time so I kept it.
Oh well
This is me


neysaruhl said...

I can't believe you have yet another blog! Well, since this is the first blog that I can leave comments on, I am. I just have to say how wonderful your art is. You are an extremely talented person.

By the way ... how do you keep up with all of these blogs AND have time to write your papers?? I have trouble keeping up with the ONE blog I have!

The Hallspace said...

I like the writing, and I use it to avoid work. I have A LOT of work, So I do A LOT of avoiding. Most of that time was spent surfing the web, now I spend that time bending the web to do my bidding.
Thank you for the compliments about the Art. It is really just a hobby that I only pick up every few years.
As always thanks for the comments.

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