Monday, July 31, 2006

My Other Sites

Other Places you might find me on the Web…

My Other Sites:

My Main Page The Hallboy Hideaway Blog

Monthly updated this is where I put my best foot forward and try to blog the meaningful stuff in my life. Created by my girl Nicole it is a work in progress but I really like what I post over there.

My college journal: The Myspace Hub 1.1

This is where I blog the most. I drop random thoughts and ideas here when I have nothing better to do. Sometimes I’m deep, sometimes I am ranting, and sometimes I am just talking bull. Someone should really cal me on it.

My Hub for Entertainment: The Blogspot Hub 2.1

This site is typically updated monthly with reviews or YouTube Clips. I like to talk pop culture and movies over there. Really I set it up so the film clips I reference will be stable instead of being pushed around by the random blogs I post @ Myspace.

My Hub for Writings & Fiction: The Fiction Hub 3.1

This site gets updated about once a month too. I will throw random fiction up. Currently I am hip deep in writing a WebSerial “The Good Neighbor Murder” and planning to post my first crime novel “Bianca Malone.” Check it out occasionally.

My Field Map: The Frappr Map Hub 4.1

This is a page I created for my friends to be able to see where we are in the world. It was a half idea and it hasn’t gotten much play yet. I am patient, I can wait. And despite what Addison says it is not stupid.

My Flickr photobook page: The Photo Album Hub 5.1

This is where I post my pictures. This site is cool and easy to navigate, the problem is that they only offer me to post 200 pics without paying so I slowed down on the posting there and instead decided to build my own site. Coming soon: The Hallpics webgallery!

My Artist & Comics Album page: The Sketch Art Hub 6.1

This page is for my comic related sketches and ideas. I rarely update it because I don’t draw so much lately. Every now and again I will pop in there and put something up. At least I intend to.

My Tagworld page: Tagworld Hub 7.1

This page was started as a whim. It served little purpose at first until I found that it allowed me to display my blogs as RSS feeds, So now I use it as an adjacent hub of sorts for me to read my News Feeds. Typicaly everything on the main page will be a copy of the stuff you see on the Myspace sites.

My RSS Feed Page: News Feed Site 7.2

This page is where I have some of my favorite news sites feed me the news I read. I check this daily to see what it going on in the parts of the world that interest me. Feeds from my Tech Sites, NY times and the Enquirer feed to this page.

My Comics Feed Page: Webcomix Site 7.3

This page is for the RSS feeds of the Web Comics I read. They are pretty good and they update about once every few days. This was way easier than checking ther sites every week for the ones I missed.

My Livejournal Page: The Hallbox Site 8.1

This site is the newest on the list. I created it so that I could talk about comic books and other such geekish topics without having to get ridiculed by my contemporaries over in Myspace. I just go over there to read comics related materials and talk about what I hate about the industry.

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